There is a Friday talk every week except the summer and Christmas holidays, even if it has not been announced yet.

Minecraft og MaskinarkitekturLive CodingChristian Clausen14:00 17/02-17Nygaard-192
Proving stuff in HaskellLive CodingMads Buch13:15 28/10-16
Practical Introduction to Lambda CalculusWorkshopMathias Pedersen13:15 03/06-16Nygaard-192
Mit første år efter studiet – Delegate, CRM og F#PresentationChristian Clausen13:15 27/05-16Nygaard-192
Introduktion to InduktionWorkshopCasper Freksen13:15 20/05-16Nygaard-192
An informal introduction to program analysisInteractivehamid13:15 13/05-16Nygaard-192
Katrinebjerg Karrieredag Kdag 2016Special12:00 29/04-16Peter Bøgh Auditorium
REPL for BrainfuckLive CodingKent Grigo13:15 22/04-16Nygaard-192
Software for the complex, the changing, and the indeterminatePresentationPhilip Tchernavskij13:15 15/04-16Nygaard-192
Programming Strategy Arena RebornSocialMikkel Brun Jakobsen13:15 09/04-16Turing-0
Practical MonadsPresentationMathias Pedersen13:15 08/04-16Nygaard-192
How I Made My Own 3D Rasterizer From ScratchPresentationJohannes Jensen13:15 01/04-16Nygaard-192
Introduction to Unity 3DWorkshop13:15 18/03-16Nygaard-192
Can't touch ThisPresentationMikkel Brun Jakobsen13:15 11/03-16Nygaard-192
Optimization HierarchyInteractiveAnders Lindkvist13:15 04/03-16Nygaard-192
A Practical Introduction to HaskellLive CodingMads Buch13:15 26/02-16Nygaard-192
Java Peculiarities 1.3InteractiveMikkel Brun Jakobsen13:15 19/02-16Nygaard-192
Inauguration talksSpecial14:15 12/02-16Peter Bøgh Auditorium
The algebra of algebraic data typesPresentationMathias Pedersen13:15 05/02-16Nygaard-192
Pseudo Procedural 3D Character AnimationPresentationMikkel Brun Jakobsen13:15 29/01-16Nygaard-192