REPL for Brainfuck

Date: 13:15 22/04-16
Location: Nygaard-192
Host(s): Kent Grigo,

In this talk, we will live-code a REPL for Brainfuck in Haskell.
I have chosen Haskell since Mads Buch introduced the language in a recent talk and Mathias V. Pedersen further presented monads.
If you didn't attend Mads' talk or still don't feel comfortable with Haskell, don't fret: I will give a recap.
We will embrace
(*) the IO monad for Brainfuck's IO and for interacting with the terminal, and
(*) the Parser monad for the library Parsec.
The REPL will consist of a parser, an interpreter, and interaction with the terminal so that the talk will end with support for the Turing-complete language Brainfuck.


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