Ludum Dare #34

Date: 13:00 12/12-15
Location: Ada-0
Host(s): Johannes Jensen

It's time for Spare-Time Teaching to host a Ludum Dare! Join us at 13:00 on saturday, and work until sunday night on developing your own very video game! Work for yourself, or form a team / bring your dreamteam!

[*** About Ludum Dare ***]
Ludum Dare is a game jam held 3 times a year.

Every Ludum Dare a theme is chosen, which you have to make a game from. This theme varies from very specific, to very abstract. A part of the fun is having to come up with both the game idea and producing the actual game within the short time limit.

Ludum Dare is actually two game jams in one, one called COMPO and the other called JAM.

- You have 48 hours to make a game.
- You have to work alone. That is, code, art and audio all have to be made by yourself.
- Every asset (code/art/music) has to be made within the 48 hours.
- It's okay to use a framework/library, as long as you declare which ones you're using.
- You have to share your source code/project.

- You have 72 hours to make a game.
- You can be a team or alone.
- You don't have to share your source.

Compo and Jam start at the same time.

Rules are elaborated here:


We'll bring the snacks while you do the hacks!


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